Terms and Conditions

In order to commence using your account with us, please complete the Business Account Application form accepting our Terms and Conditions as set out below.

The Terms and Conditions may be reviewed from time to time; any changes will be notified in writing. This copy of our current Terms and Conditions is issued to customers on opening an account with us and governs our general terms of business.

  1. The Agreement exists between Swan Rider and the Account Holder named above.
  1. The contract is a contract of supply. By placing a booking with Swan Rider for services, the client is presumed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  1. Requests for services should preferably be made in advance.
  1. The first 10 minutes of waiting are automatically in our charges, thereafter we will charge waiting time by 15 minute increments at the rate published in our tariff (currently £5 per 15 minutes). Note that Airport Transfers are subject to our published time allowance of up to 60 minutes from landing time.
  2. All car parking charges to be paid by the customer in addition to the fare.  We strive to keep these costs to a minimum
  3. Because of ongoing security measures and the resultant delays effecting the processing and collection of clients from UK airports, all parking charges will be paid by the hirer.
  4. All incurred tolls and congestion charges will be met by client.
  5. Every effort will be made by Swan Rider to ensure that vehicle(s) arrive on time and reach destinations on time. The company shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and/or arising consequential losses) that occur beyond its control.
  1. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be given. Beyond this we are not liable for any additional costs incurred or the loss of any monies paid by the client.
  1. Unless instructed otherwise by the client, the driver will travel by the route considered most appropriate on the day.
  1. You shall be responsible for the behaviour of all the passengers in the car during the journey. You will be charged £80 to cover cleaning costs in the unlikely event of the vehicle being soiled by any passenger
  1. We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our passengers or drivers.
  1. All children travelling during the journey should be restrained in a manner appropriate to their age, weight and height. Suitable child seats should wherever possible be supplied and fitted by the child’s parents. Such seats may be retained by the driver for use on the return journey.
  1. We are insured for passengers travel. This insurance is for public liability and does not constitute travel insurance.
  1. You must seek our permission to carry pets with you in our vehicles. Guide dogs are allowed but you must inform us at time of booking.
  1. The following charges may apply (on total cost):
    • Christmas Day x2
    • New Years Day x2
  1. Swan Rider reserve the right to review the standard charges, upon 14 days notice from date of letter, to take into account any movements in the price of fuel and other business related costs.
  1. Either party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement by giving 30 days notice of such in writing to the registered business address of the other party.