Healthcare Logistics

Specialist Patient Transport and Healthcare Logistics

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Healthcare Logistics

At Swan Rider, we offer logistical solutions tailored for the healthcare sector, transporting passengers and medical specimens across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire safely and securely. 

With our team of experienced dedicated drivers, support personnel and access to large fleet of vehicles we can help ensure your healthcare business operates efficiently and effectively. 

Services to suit

We offer the following services to acute hospitals, community hospitals, mental health sites, GP surgeries, county councils, PCT offices, dentists, opticians and pharmacies.

  • Non Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT)
  • Staff Transfer across hospital sites
  • Pathology Specimens
  • Secure Medical Records
  • Pharmaceutical goods
  •  Ad hoc requirements

Safety and Security

Swan Rider uses smart phones as a communication medium and tracking system. 

The process for the tracking of key elements of the operation is a vital aspect of the day to day operations of our Logistics Services. The process in place ensures that contract requirements are:

  • flexible to the requirements of the business
  • easy to use and administrate
  • resilient in the event of system errors
  • cost effective to the point of fulfilling all requirements.
  • this tracking system currently tracks, traces and identifies specimens, drugs